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When Woodie is added

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When the devs do add Woodie and he has a character specific item (Lucy the axe) and that means they'll probably make it so he can craft more lucies does that mean they'll have durability? Cause they are infinite unless they code it so when Woodie wields it it's infinite and when someone else wields it has durability BUT! It chops faster too which would be really helpful like say Wigfrid's spear and helm or willow's lighter but anyway if they do make it infinite and craftable then it should just chop the normal speed like any other character. Also i was thinking they could make the crafting recipe a normal axe and some nightmare fuel with berries or mosquito sacks? For the red color also would be cool if willow's lighter acted like this being infinite if she is holding it. Also i'm not a programmer so i don't know how hard it is to code this. :c

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character specific item (Lucy the axe)

I think that they would implement an ownership system for this one though... making other players drop Lucy and she'll say something like "Who are you?!" or "You're not Woodie!" and only Woodie would be able to wield her...


In the case of having multiple Woodies, this would be a problem... unless they use an ID system of some sort where upon creating the Woodie entity for a player, an ID would be generated for his corresponding Lucy and upon inspection by another character, it would state "It's [player_name]('s) Lucy!"


Well, that's what I think should be implemented O__O

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