Tesla Tree biome with Volt Goats

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I see on the wiki:


Volt Goats were planned to be exclusive to their own biome filled with Tesla Trees, but the idea was later scrapped.


Both my friend and I agree this would be a great idea to add. Currently the only way to charge a goat is with a Morning Star. Would be neat to build an electric rod to electrocute animals/monsters out of coils you find by chopping down Tesla Trees. Perhaps you can't use normal axe for these trees, otherwise you get electrocuted, so maybe you need opulent axe?


9:02 PM - TheDeadDude: they should of had their own biome would've been more entertaining
9:06 PM - TheDeadDude: it would also be a nice feature for WX-78
9:06 PM - TheDeadDude: to "charge up"


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