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[Suggestion] Player Interaction.


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  1. 1. Do you want to piggyback your friend in DST?

    • Hell yeah!
    • No, it's not necessary.
  2. 2. Do you want a club made by cactus?

    • Yes, I'm happy just to think about it.
    • No, that's too much violent.

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Hello everyone, I made this topic to suggest player interaction implement to DST :kiwi: .


Up to now, we could only interact with another player by: attacking and feeding. We can't hug a friend, can't kiss a lover and can't truely take care of an short-time afk friend. The need of emotional action is real :wilson_livid: .


When I play with a friend, some time he/she need to go away for a short time (ofcourse he/she could just log out and come back, but it'll make me lonely :wilson_resigned: ). All I could do is stay near him/her and feed them, I wish I could piggyback he/she and go around like a lovey dovey... or carry a fainted/sleeping player (if Klei ever implement that feature).


I know those feature will cost much effort from designer to draw and animation and now is not a good time for those things. But later when the game is out of Early Access there will be :wilson_love: .


Out of main topic, why we don't have a weapon make out of cactus? A club of cactus should be good and lore friendly :wilson_dorky: .

P/s: sorry for my bad grammar.

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I thought I heard something about an AFK mechanic that will allow someone to take a break. It would put your character into a portal, who would be safe from all danger or stat drains, and then allow the player to get back to playing whenever they are ready. I don't think that was a finalized idea by all means, but I think something is in the works.


However, if we are just giving piggybacks for fun and killing things with cactus clubs because we can, I am all for it. Sounds fun to me.




Gots myself a desert base anyway.

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There was no maybe, I don't care, I wouldn't mind this option for the cactus club so I just picked yes xD but i wouldn't mind a cactus armor that damages foes when your attack and has the same armor as a grass suit but a little more durability and you use a grass suit to craft it with cactus's and something else maybe. ( I've never used a grass suit cause they seemed pretty useless since you don't even have a spear)

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