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Don't Starve Together - Reign of Giants Server Hosting!

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[removed] is offering Don't Starve Together: Reign Of Giants hosting! We have updated our servers with the new Reign Of Giants updated which means you can now play with or without the new content. Your world you rules!


We offer from 10 to 30 Player servers in both Europe and the USA.


We have the cheapest slot prices on the server market at only £0.80 | $1.20 | €1.12 per slot.


Plus we are now offering an additional 10% off for life on all our Don't Starve Together: Reign of Giants server packages. (Discount applies to any server signup, this includes monthly, quarterly and yearly payments.)


Just Enter PROMO CODE: GIANTS2015 for 10% OFF your order.


Just order a Wilson Server at [removed] and you will be playing ROG BETA in minutes with our instant setup automation, It's Easy.


Order Your Server: [removed]


Included in your Server:


• Instant Setup (Play within minutes of ordering.)

• Value For money slots (Use PROMO CODE: GIANTS2015 for 10% OFF)

• Accessible configuration files.

• Easy access to log files.

• Easy to use custom control panel

• Steam Update button.

• Up to 30 Slots\Players. (Discount is included on extra slots)

• Option to password servers. (FREE)

• No Branding. (FREE)

• Start/Stop/Reinstall your server with a simple click of a button.

• Fast & Friendly Support via our in-house ticket system





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Thanks for the link, I just signed up but did have to go find you via the web.  (not that it was difficult navigating to the right point to purchase the server, just nice to have a link)


So far I'm moderately pleased.  The payment and setup were pretty quick.  The initial setup and install of Absimiliards Back Yard was quite quick.  And I can see the server in the in-game server-listing as available to play on.  So that portion was fast and very straightforward, nice job [removed].


I have noticed a few features I'm missing for administering things, but I'll bring them up w. [removed] rather than here as I'm sure they'll get them added pretty quickly.  I'll post back more once I've got everything set up and in place.

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I just modded my post to mention how fast y'all got the server up and running.  (wanted to confirm I could see it in-game before I said it was live)  That was very well done.


I have every confidence the message I sent you should be more than enough to point you towards the widgets you'll want to add for an admin's use.  They're not anything unusual, probably what you were looking at adding yourselves anyway.

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And I'm happy to say that their tech, Alex, got the web-console and file-manager set up already.  With that I can upload my server token and see output on the console that the game-client doesn't display.


At this point I think they've gotten everything needed in place for me to run the server.  Thanks [removed], working very well so far.

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Hello Mike,


Our UK server is based in Cheltenham as this provides wider coverage for the UK based on a central location.


You can turn the reign of giants off at any point, as we allow you to access all the needed files in our easy to use control panel.


We allow all the access you need in able, to mod, change settings, view file logs and much more. I can PM you all the details if you would like?


Feel free to ask any questions :-)


We are here to help.



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Does the 10% discount work on the UK servers as well?

Sorry to keep asking questions.



That's correct mike the code works for our UK server,


The Discount code applies to all our servers on any package you select UK, EU, USA, AU. (This is includes paying on a monthly basis)


This is our direct link straight to our Don't Starve product: [removed]


Just Enter our PROMOCODE: [removed]To receive 10% OFF for life.


Just let me know if you need any help getting set up.



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Yeah no problem,


We're actually going to be on one of our own server games later if you want to join us? Probs only be on for an hour or two. Will message you details.


We are going to stick a free server up over the weekend as well as a few of us are going to be online. I will let you know the Details.

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