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Crash - how do solve?

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Try to disable all your mods, then enable them one by one. As soon as it starts crashing again, you know the faulty mod.

Try that faulty mod on its own too, it may be a mod conflict (two or more mods crashing when used together).

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does it still happen if u deactivate all the mods in the modmenu in the game and start a new game?

if yes, try deleting and reinstalling them game.

if no, try reactivating your mods one by one and start a game each time, till u find the problemmod.

i have a similar modsetup to yours, and i often had compatibilityissues with "always on status" and replaced it with "StatusPlus"

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When posting a crash message, it helps to post the relevant section of the log file (or the entire thing if you can't figure out what that is) inside of a spoiler tag:



Although it's not a guarantee that it'll have relevant info, the errors displayed on the crash screen are limited in the amount of lines they can display.


But mostly what Mobbstar said ;)

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