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N00B's PvP Arena/Survival Competition

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This is a follow up of the previous competition held in early Spring. You can visit that forum discussion here:
A few of you might remember me. If not, this is Your Local N00B. This competition is a get together for the community and have a bit of fun. Just like the last comp, there will be a 1v1 arena and a survival mode.
Event date: Summer (Date undetermined, most likely on the weekend)
It will not be until Summer hence most people are out and busy right now (ie. school, college).
Time: 2:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM EST
Same as last time, it seemed to work well.
​There will be 2 competitions
If you only want to participate in one of these please clarify otherwise you will be signed up for both

  • This will be first one hosted.
  • You will be teleported to an arena with one other opponent
  • Fight to the death
  • You are given a specific amount of armor, weapons, and food items, including some sort of healing (use this to your own advantage example-if playing Wolfgang you could eat the butter become super strong and hopefully kill all players before you run out of food)
  • Last survivor equals winner

The specific items are subject to change, but N00B currently has decided upon:

  • Football Helmet x2
  • Log Suit x2
  • Butter x5
  • Honey poultice x5
  • Spear x2
  • Torch x2

Survival of the fittest  

  • This is to test your skills at survival and fighting
  • Rules below


  • Pick any character
  • PvP/hunger games begin at world day 6, PvP will be off until day 6
  • If you die, please stay within the game for sanity reasoning and odds against the survivors
  • If you require to kill a target, you must find them

Point system:
Needs revising

PvP Arena


Your Local N00B



Your Local N00B


Post in this thread if:

Interested in signing up to which event.
Questions as we will try to provide as much clarity to you
Rule changes
Remember, this is a community based server with your opinions and input. Fun or interesting changes that sway away from vanilla can be a whole new experience. 
If ping isn't optimal or you feel it requires more equal balance, I'll look into what we can do about that.

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