Beowulf/Skullgirls Characters.

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So, Beowulf finally arrived in Skullgirls, as I'm sure a lot of you nerd-who-spend-time-on-game-forums are aware. Naturally this melds with my current DS preoccupation.


So, let's discuss hypothetical mods for fun.


For Wulf, the most simple choice would be to mod Wigfrid. Make her Battle Spear into The Hurting and the Battle Helm into Beowulf's Big Bad Wolf Hood. Maybe jigger with the crafting requirements so the hood requires Hound Fangs and Monster Meat and The Hurting requires pig skin and sticks instead of gold and flint.


As a more advanced concept, some ideas for character traits:

-Sanity damage from monsters capped at a low level (So fighting bosses isn't as stressful).

-The Hurting and Grendel arm as weapons. Probably hard to make use of them as they are in SG (Damage booster and reach weapon respectively) but hey.

-Perhaps a couple of craftable trophy items, such as a champion's belt made from Pig Skin and Gold, which acts as armour.

-As a weakness, perhaps prototyping items could be more expensive? (With exceptions for items made from giant-only drops like the Weather Pain.)

-Power waxes and wanes with the Phase of the Moon.

-Howling habit attracts hounds more often and in greater numbers. (And more earthquakes underground.)

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