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What is the biggest, most ridiculous, pointlessly large base you have ever made?

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Just curious as to what some of you have created over the years in terms of base camps and hoping some of you will post screenshots with a little background description or something! :grin:


PS: I'd go first but I every image I try to post gives me a "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." error... So in the meantime here is the URL in its basic URL form.



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Hmmm well i don't have any images atm because I haven't been playing DS, too busy with projects. I also no longer have the most pointless base any longer. It was my first base. I had no idea how to make one or had even survived a winter yet so I had things all over the place and not very convenient when the cold came. I had riled up a huge tree guard right before nightfall and after planting pinecones hoping he would go to sleep....that failed. I was totally unprepared for him and he broke most my base over the fight. Also I had not realized that breaking pigs homes and leaving them homeless on a full moon was frowned upon. I had wear pigs and a tree guard after me, running in circles they broke everything and then killed me. So I no longer have my pointless base lol.

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There's a thread somewhere called "Show us your bases". If you haven't looked through every single image there, you are missing out. Some really great bases.


Here it is:



Most pointless for me? On my original WX-78 megabase attempt, I made two sets of 4 bee boxes. Why? Well, the first box got placed near some flowers for practical purposes, and then I realized I could put turf and things to make it pretty. And then I ran out of space between the ocean and a catcoon hut. So the next setup needed to be planned out a little better, but also kind of look like the first so it wouldnt' be out of place. I ended up putting another 4 bee boxes back-to-back with the first, spent probably 4 bug nets just catching butterflies to plant, countless rock for walls, just to make a pretty bee box area.


Even though the first 4 bee boxes produced more honey than I ever could use, I had to make 4 more just to make like a mirror effect. It ended up looking nice, with the bee boxes on marble flooring with a flingo and beekeeper hat on a carpet square inside each pen.


In total:

8 bee boxes

2 fling-o-matics

2 beekeeper hats

2 iceboxes to keep honey

48 flowers

countless walls around each

cobblestone paths into and out of each

and savanna turf around the outside to frame it all.


Why? All because my first beebox was placed for convenience and then I wanted to make it look nice.

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I looked at the "Show us your bases" thread because I love base threads but 9/10 of them were like day 50 or below and it got pretty stale in my opinion :/


Nvm some of the bases on there are great


The most ridiculous base I have ever built really is, ridiculous. Its the 3rd world I ever made and was started before caves were even added into the game so I have a day count of something like 1.6k


In total: (approximatly)

35 or so pig houses

15 or so bunny houses

6 houndius shootiuses (I cheated a little as I had no caves in my world so I had to console command them in)

20 drying racks

40 bee hives

24 fire pits

4 meat effigies

lightning rods galore

24 improved farms

4 koalefants

Too many chests to count (full to the brim: I have like 2k silk, 40 spider hats, 500 gold etc...)

4 tents

40 something berry bushes

around 200 saplings and grass

Private forest

15 crock pots

Usual science machines x2 or 3

2 shadow manipulators

About a 20th of my entire map (large) in landmass

The entire base and every building is surrounded by lvl 3 stone walls

Thulecite decorative walls (every 15 stone walls or so)

Countless carpet and marble flooring

Minor side bases dotted around

Huge beefalo pen (50-100 beefalo) shaped as a circle

Trees galore for decorations

Flower gardens


Proof below V








bit of caving just for fun :grin:



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Dude, those flower gardens are awesome. I love the idea of lining them with rocks like that. Looks great.

Thanks! However I'll admit I saw somebody else do it first about a year ago, but forgot their username so can't credit them... :(


I did a game once where I went totally vegetarian just to see if I could.  By the time I got tired of it I had 64 farms, 25 bee boxes, and every berry bush in the world around my base.

I think bees are the best food source in the game. Honey is so versatile (especially in recipes), easy to obtain and has such a long spoiling time that nothing else really comes close to how good it is... exceeeeeept maybe mass produced dragon pies.

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