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Suddenly I cannot access a world

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Well, perhaps not so suddenly as I think now that it's been creeping up on me.  Also, pardon me if this is in the wrong place in the forums, but I wasn't sure if it was considered a bug if I am the only one with the problem.  More like I'm an idiot.


I've been playing DS and DS-RoG for literally thousands of hours, with nary a crash or problem, but in the last week or so I can no longer play my saved games nor can I access newly created ones.


I can get into the mods, I can choose a character, I can plan a world, but when I hit the Play button I am crashed back to the Steam inventory page.  No error message, no complaints about mods.  Just back to Steam.


I have tried with mods, without mods, different characters, different modes, even DS vanilla!  Nothing helps.


And I have searched the forums for anyone else suffering this and haven't found any other complaints.


Now, as I am nowhere near the brightest spark in the darkness, I am turning to the forums in hopes of getting help. 


Thankfully I've also been playing DST-RoG, so I have that to feed my habit in the meantime, but I'm not ready to give up DS-RoG yet, so here's hoping that help comes soon.


One more thing ... if I need to post some file or other here to get help, can you be specific as to where to find the file(s), see comment above as the sparks in darkness ...  :friendly_wink:


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