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  1. I'm not really terribly computer savvy, so this may be a very stupid question, but how do you connect to Steam to play a LAN if you have no internet? I play a LAN with my husband and son as we all live in the same house. I set it up as a LAN so I didn't have to bother with passwords. Or is that a mistake, too? I also play a map with my other son who lives in Australia. (I am in Southern Virginia and we have surprisingly few lag problems, believe it or not.) Obviously I am not using a LAN with him. Or is it obvious?
  2. :D 700 likes! Thanks for the sudden burst :D
  3. Weird bug where when you try to put something in your inventory but all slots are full the item then sticks to the cursor. I tried to drop it and it jumped back onto the cursor. I tried swapping it with something else in the inventory and then THAT item stuck and wouldn't release to the ground. I only solved it when I ate a piece of meat in my inventory that left an open slot. When I tried to reproduce it I couldn't.
  4. All these people complaining about all the hours they have played and still not being given a key yet, so they are rage-quitting the game. Well, I may not be the most experienced player, but I have over 2300 hours, yes, really, go check it out if you don't believe me, and *I* don't have a key yet, either. Makes me want to shake them all til their brains rattle. ::growl:: Oh, and I want to nominate Pyromailmann for the Extreme Patience Under Great Duress award. Dunno how many tables he's wrecked, but he's extraordinarily patient with all the idjits.
  5. At the risk of sounding wishy-washy, I wish there was an option to vote "it depends". I've been known to rage-quit. I've been known to sigh and rebuild, and I've had the character kill themselves in spectacular ways while trying to get revenge for the destroyed base. But I always, eventually, build another world and try again. So my vote is ... It depends!
  6. I know it's tomorrow, I was just curious as to 'when' tomorrow. Noon? 1am? RSN??
  7. Does anyone know exactly when it will be released?
  8. I don't know about anyone else but I was delighted to discover that by walking around the edge of the biome nearest my main base I could create my own ice age and fill my 2 ice boxes for the summer in the first days of winter. And in Spring, the rotten eggs left behind got cleaned up for making gunpowder. What useful little noisy beasts those pengulls are! I would certainly be most unhappy if they got changed. I think it's one of the most useful synergies in the new game. And one last point ... just be glad they don't leave guano to step in! Wait a minute! That's a bloody good suggestion I just made! Guano is manure!