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Having trouble with Adventure Mode? Play lots of DST!

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Of course, you can "practice" AM by playing AM itself and dying loads of times, but where's the fun in that? :-) If you want another way to prepare for Adventure Mode, how about playing lots of DST?


Most of the challenges that make AM difficult for new players can also be found in DST, like:


Limited resources

Spawning in DST in late Summer is just like AM when sometimes there's almost no grass/flint/twigs/food. You'll learn to save those precious 2 flints for a pickaxe, be more aware of how long a single torch lasts, etc. Also learning to find resources in other biomes. (A bit of rock in savannah and dense forest, some twigs in swamp, etc.) Small stuff like that can save your life in both DST and AM.


Starting in harsh weather

This used to apply before Klei displayed current season in DST Server Details. Back when you spawn without knowing if it's summer, mid-, or late winter. You learn to survive a little bit longer and not panic when you have no beefalo/winter hat + thermal stone + a fookton of fuel for lighting fires.


Sanity management

DST ghosts can be the stand in for long dusk/night + constant rain of Adventure Mode (and obelisks). You'll learn to manage your sanity and not panic when that insanity screen kicks in. DST even taught me to welcome those giant shadow beetles because you can kill them for a bit of sanity boost.


Learning to choose your battles (because lag)

I confess I used to tank in singleplayer because log suits are cheap. But lagging so much in DST taught me to be careful about what I aggro and to kite and use minions more effectively.


In general though, DST's varying ping per server teaches good kiting, because you'll learn to actually calibrate your hits. Now when I meet new enemies (playing ROG), I don't have to resort to wiki or guides to tell me to hit N times. DST trained me to observe the mob and time attacks properly.


Traveling "light"

For those AM chapters where you need to rush. Sometimes you really need a log suit, so you can't bring a backpack. Sometimes you can't even make a backpack yet. Or you have to cross obelisks and don't want to return to that island again. What do you drop? Do you really need that 6% pickaxe?


It's similar to playing in DST dedicated (PVP) servers. You don't really want to build a huge camp or walk around carrying weird stuff like 15 rot and 1 nitre and 2 red mushrooms... then end up dropping your weapon+torch in your backpack in your panic to equip a log suit.


You just want to sneak in, get some stuff, sneak out fast before someone kills you. So you learn to travel light. Bonus: I learned it's not a sin to hammer down your science machine. Because prior to DST I just couldn't bring myself to hammer any structure down.




That's it!


I didn't know whether to share this since most of active users in forum are pros, you probably don't need this advice. :grin: But maybe a new player coming from DST and wanting to play single-player will see this non-spoilery guide. Hope it helps.


PS to forum mods, I'm not sure if this belongs in DST or Singleplayer section. Please feel free to move if I chose wrong. Thanks~

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