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We need a new Dance! (invisible one-man-band)

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So me and my friends were messing around in don't starve and noticed that "/dance" isn't that greatest action to spam. All you do is run in place.


Out of boredem, my friend was using a Custom Character which had a invisible 'Body-Slot' coded into her. As in, whatever body-item she was wearing, it could not be seen.


She equipped the One-man-band item and this happend:







If you can't see it, the character with the ears and tails is dancing with the invisible One-man-band equipped.


It was completely hilarious and cute. Then I thought, hey, they should totally replace the dance action with the One-man-band action! Even better, make it so it only cancels when moving!


If thats not possible then I request someone make it a mod<3


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