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Server Dedicated ROG 24/7

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Hi all,


I have my servers since start-up of dedicated servers, today I find that the servers seem much more stable although there is still a lot to correct and at optimize, but I still trusted the developers that make a huge working


[FR] Serveur KFK | Survival | 15 Slots | :
[FR] Serveur KFK | Wilderness | 15 Slots | :


server hosted in france, of course all players are welcome :-)


to keep server dedicated performance, my servers DST reboot and check updated all days 06:00AM CET


Have fun!

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Hi @Mushu,


well we have not much player on the server ROG, because i think ROG is not official at the moment


but some players and friend are on my server sometimes


and of course you welcome Mushu :-)



Nah. I've noticed. It's shame the DST beta tester arent change to the RoG :D


But are you on often? I thought we could play too. More friends = better :) 

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