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  1. Hello DST players. I've taken a one month break from DST, duo hoping the caves will come up soon... Waiting.. Anyway, I want to play DST again, since I rush the adven. mode at DS. Is there any of you who can recommend some harder map settings? I always play with short seasons. And example could be : No berries, carrot, less food, more monsters etc etc. Ive been google some few threds, none of them was what I am looking for. So if u have any idea how to make the game harder by a stage or two, I'd appreciate it. Sorry for my bad english. Correct me if you can/want x)
  2. Hey. Will you please make sure to fix the bircnutter? Or is it suppose to chop them before killing them? But it make it impossible to chop it when 10 birchnutters atk you.
  3. Should it meant that beefo dont have long time aggro? Cause if you hit and run, and keep doing that for a while, they will stop at thier "radius". Then you can actually hit, dodge, run half screen and repeat. Makes you killing beefo even theres plenty around the one you're hitting, cause their aggro cancels so fast.
  4. Yes. I was, I'm so sorry to hear that's the argument to not go all in. I'm just saying it from the players view, and how DST would keep thier current players. Anyhow. Is it only me who noticed you cant attack birchnutter??
  5. As a company, focusing on the negative thing is ... sorry to say, but pretty unprofessional. You have also no idea how many players DST loses cause of that. Plus the lag issue.
  6. Hey, It's perlendk, who watched your steam the other way. Didn't you say there was something wrong with Dragonfly as well?
  7. Lol. That's the problem. Remember he spawn only one day after, so because he dies and your items drops, it's not worse than waiting one day and you have everything again oO EDIT: Maybe we should play together, to show you what I mean. You need to understand this first: I don't risk chester when he is full. But if there's only 3-4 items, and you meet a deerclops, you won't even take dmg from deerclops bc. he is focusing Chester. With Chesters HP regen, he wouldnt even die to Deerclops if u run well.
  8. THIS! Your first part is SO important. I give all my support for Klei and how they also support modders, suggestions etc etc. But for me, I rather want a full game, since it is beta. There is a reason the game is called beta. It's to find so many bug as possible before game release. Believe me, when they release and 2000 players joins the RoG, I bet my own ass there will be threads about bugs. About chester.. Really? Im not afriad of losing him. You can either run and he will follow, or maybe die. Remember his despawn is only 1 day. So I usually go around and loot for one day and come pick my stuff up. The only moment I am afriad of losing him, its when he's nightmare or ice chester. Otherwise I can't see why he is SOO important. He is my tank most of the time. You can even let the bosses , spider queen, deerclops chase chester. Which make it so easy to let the bosses follows you into the traps. Another soluton could be, simple just make the despawn higher. Like if chester dies, he will respawn 2-3 days instead of 1. 1 day is too fast. He spawns faster than most of the mobs. Maybe make him squisher. Chester should be supposed to be your 3rd backpack. Not your tank. EDIT: By making the bosses follows cheter, means you are totally out of danger.. So what is this game about, surviving or let your chester survive?
  9. Otherwise.. Why not completely remove the normal DST and make it RoG only? In the world edit, you can put the "no giant" here, which will make it into normal DST. You guys are making your job harder, trust me We are the players, we know what will be best for us However, if it is the easiest and fastest way for YOU, well. Keep going then. About the chester problem, a solution could be, if a player is close to chester and a mob, the mob should attack the player instead. Chasing Walrus and his dog without begin afraid of hits bc of chester is really easy mode. Not to mention the game is really easy when youve played it for a month. Actually it is only the new players what makes you game harder
  10. But no.. No, and just no. sorry to disappoint you. Look at my steam time. I play Rog 5-10 hours a day (I dont have a job, atm. So I have a lot of spare time). However, when I see the server list, MAX is 20 players playing during a day. You have DST BETA and RoG beta? Two betas? That makes no sense at all. I rather have a completely fully bugged RoG than this RoG wich there is 5 difference from the normals DST. For me, this RoG and normal DST, there's more or less no differences, since the Giants is the only thing I am waiting for. As the guy said before, more things into RoG brings more players. Which also means you'll have more bug reports (EDITED from "players", misspelling). I will bet my whole life on, YOU will have bugs after the game release no matter what. So why taking all this time idk. I know you guys needs to rework a lot of codes. But.. EDIT: What you replied to that guy, was you only focused on the negative thing. You don't want to bring more things into the RoG because there will be complainers??? Really? That's so sad to hear. There will be complainers no matter what. And as he said, they already say "FIX MY GAME" after every single update you guys make.. And really, when you guys make an update, I am like " HOLY ****, YES". And when I see the lines update.... I almost fall asleep again. However, you totally ignored my chester issue.
  11. Hello, Is it only one random set piece or more? I know you've put a s after the piece
  12. Hi, This might not be directly bug, but somehow it is. If you're farming spiders and using traps, stay behind the trap and let the spider get trapped. Even the first animation is the trap which moves first, the spider still hit. Other thing. Can you make mobs to focus out the players first? Cause when you have chester, it is so easy to kite around and kill spiders, hounds, walrus.. What is the update about the internal test with the giants? I can't wait any more
  13. Hi. Indeed, deerclops too easy. Maybe instead his freezing attacks, you could give him normally hits. Instead of his freezing, hitting 5 times, out and in again. Then "Deerclops freeze" 2-3 seconds, he normal hit, 2-3 he freeze hit again.? - Anyway, there's something about summer and Flingo.. We are agree, that flingo shouldnt help crops grow? If no, everthing's fine. If yes, nothing grows. Also, is the Ice flingo suppose to freeze the mobs? It's an easy way to get food in summer. Also you can use the Ice flingo to protect yourself against the Hounds, which makes everything easier. Could you make a change that Ice flingo don't hit on mobs? Or its not possible, since mobs burn too?
  14. Finally. Something to look forward to! That means also more challenge, as I made a new thread about that in the Suggestions and Feedback. Anyhow, I think many have mention about the new fire spread, that it's eaisly to fire a whole forest with one torch. Also easy to survive winter without any gears.
  15. Beefalo won't stay in new area after following the Horn Blow. Since I know, It's not possible to change the beef location, right?