~80+ Suggestion (Seasons, Weather, Map height level etc.)

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3 things i like the most:

1) Rivers. Here is why:

Suggestion #1


Why!?:Great when your out of boulders, and the nearest boulder is like 3 islands away, but you got ponds nearby.

-2 boards to craft a panning bowl.

-Has durability.

-Using the bowl with a pond lets you pan preferably for gold, but when you don't get gold you just get rocks.

...panning in a pond is too absurd, so i think it should be used in rivers. Currently there is an experimental world generator and it has narrow water lines separating islands, i think if devs stick to this terrain generation mechanics they can easily turn those water lines into rivers.

Also i think that you shouldnt be able to trespass rivers.

2) Caves. Everybody love dungeons! (And dragons...) Also dark caves fit this game's creepy atmosphere.

3) Bridges. No gates on them though. Also i think that the following terrain generation mechanics would be good:

Rivers are not trespassable, but they have narrow sections (requres less stones to build a bridge, but you still can buld a stone bridge in any part). This will make player make decision on where he wants to put the bridge and not just put it at random spot of the river. Narrow sections shouldn't be too far from naturally generated bridges to not let player easily cut huge corners in the early game. You can build wooden/stone bridge across narrow section, no difference in functionality (or maybe wooden bridges should be flammable?) and you only can build stone bridge across wide section.

Logic behind this - wooden bridge is not durable enough so you cant stretch it across too wide area, but stone bridge is.

Balance behind this - stone is harder to get in a big number so player will have to work hard to be able to build even a single bridge but will also be rewarded by ability to cut any corner he wants.

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