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[Feedback] Non-renewable resources.

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Non-renewable resources in DST like gems and gears are quite an issue.


There are several mods that try to fix this in many different ways, but I'd like an official update for this.


And I do mean outside of Caves and RoG content.


Even with RoG content being tested, I have a strong feeling caves are going to be a very serious issue. I'd like to see a long-term (if temporary) solution for DST so these materials can be made truly renewable in a world.

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Blue gems were always renewable from the ice hounds, and red gems will become more common with summer and fire hounds.

But green, orange and yellow ones aren't.
I think they should have a chance to fall
down during earthquakes in the ruins
(and thulecite should too).
I think there's a mod for that though.
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