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Workshop Showing Multiple Versions of Same Mod

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For some reason, when I try to update a specific mod on the Steam Workshop, it shows the mod as being multiple versions simutaneously.




This is apparently causing problems, as some people seem to be getting the older versions instead of the newer ones.


What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?

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@rezecib It looks like this:

name = "Kyle"description = "Adds the symbiont commander of the Worm Spiders, Kyle, to your game."author = "Patriarachnid"version = "1.1.3"forumthread = "/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/"api_version = 10dst_compatible = truedont_starve_compatible = falsereign_of_giants_compatible = falseall_clients_require_mod = true -- Character mods need this set to trueicon_atlas = "modicon.xml"icon = "modicon.tex"server_filter_tags = {"character","wormspiders"}--configuration_options = {}
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