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creature mod tutorial: need scripting error help

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So I was designing a follower for my Mod "Flapjack" and I ran into a ton of scripting issues.

I've recruited a Mentor, stripped the code, and finally junked the bad scripting and have started right on 

down to the basics.


I'm starting fresh with the creature mod tutorial (which everyone should look at before modding)


  My problem is with my prefabs of course! With the help of Corrosive, I have found out that in my old scripts

the character wasn't being seen by the game to load, during the initialization. So while messing with it, I never

could get the script to run. Anywhere from line errors in the lua, to orphaned resources.


So I chunked it. When you have garbage in, expect garbage out. 


  Now the current issue:

 I am returning a nul value in modmain.lua, or my prefab (it varies depending what i'm trying to fix) I get errors letting me know that their are no "creature" prefabs available. So I must of deleted something out of modmain.lua, or I am incorrectly writing something in the script. But I can't seem to see it.

I have the files here, I am basically running the gauntlet of the tutorials today, to get my follower portion of my mod corrected.

Below are a portion of the error log.txt, and the creature mod I am working on, 

If someone can let me know my error, I would appreciate it.


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the next problem I'm running into is the Strategraph tutorial. I used wilson as my anime bank, and i have this error,


"Could not find anim [run] in bank [wilson]"


I get that I need to change that to something else. But what should I change it too? Anyone with a stratograph? 


The creature does spawn up, but since the game can't find the available file, the game gets rid of him.

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