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how to do a server announcement on spawning?

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Good morning, can anyone tell me if it's possible to set up an announcement that shows to a new player when they spawn into the server?


I'm thinking of something like:  they spawn, then have that trigger something like a c_announce("flerble bargle argle furbzz") typed from the console.


Theoretically you could use for something like "Hey, the Base is SW of the portal", or "Hi, lets all be friendly, it's that kind of server", or "This server is an elaborate game of Capture the Flag, here are the rules: ....", or even "Hey, this is a PvP server, stop working together and get to murdering each other."


Also, and related, would it be possible to not broadcast that message to everyone?  (so that already playing people don't have to re-hear it constantly)

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Thanks Kzisor!


For now I'm trying to keep my server as default as possible, so it's not modded at the moment.  However since I'm on the console moderately often typing that in when I restart the server manually isn't a huge deal.  I suspect that will leave it non-announcing when it auto-updates, but I can live with that.


Hrmm, maybe I could make it a required mod, but one that clients don't download.  I wonder if that would allow it to be permanently part of the config but not show up in the server-listing as a modded server....


Some testing tonight may be required.

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