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I cannot play on modded servers anymore.

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I use to be able to go on all servers minus the outdated ones, understandably.

A DST friend of mine tried doing their own server, and me and another joined. 

Problem is, when I joined, the screen was black, green and red, all in very dark, very rubbish looking graphics, what I imagine a graphics card does when it wants to commit suicide.It looked awful, and I could barely see anything..... Until.


Until that is, I ate a piece of food, then wham, color again, but washed out, in the insanity effect. No darkness around the screen or red lines, but it was clearly the insanity set of dull, washed out colors.


What was even more perplexing was my stats... -1.#ND..... I think it was, something like that.... I was at zero hunger and sanity, but you wouldn't think so, because despite that I did not die due to shadow creatures nor did I die due to starvation. In fact, it seemed as long as I didn't get attacked, I was immortal. My health had the same code thingy, but the picture for that was gone, so all that was left was blackness.


Can someone help me out? I've disabled all mods, I think. I'd double check, but now I can't even get the mods page loaded. It just... stays there forever.



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@Vanderer, You can make sure the mods are not running by deleting the contents of the mods folder (Steam > Properties > Browse Local Files).


The stuff you describe all happens when something goes wrong with player_classified-- basically all the information that's networked about your player. I think it sends the data all as a list, so if the client thinks it's supposed to have an extra (or one less) entry in the list, then everything gets offset. So, for example, the server has this:

Boomerang recipe: 4Boomstick recipe: 6Show HUD: trueHealth: 140Hunger: 75Sanity: 150Is On Fire: falseIs Ghost: false

but the client doesn't know about the boomstick recipe for some reason, so it interprets the data as this:

Boomerang recipe: 4Show HUD: 6Health: trueHunger: 140Sanity: 75Is On Fire: 150Is Ghost: false??? : false

This happens reliably if the recipes aren't being defined in the same order on all computers, but also seems to happen sometimes randomly and relatively often after crashing out of a server. In the random/crash cases, though, it usually seems to fix itself if you just rejoin.

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