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Wilburn, the Heir for DST!

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Wilburn is out for Don't Starve Together !



Mod page for Don't Starve solo.




Hello everyone. This is the official Don't Starve Together topic for Wilburn, currently available in version 0.9.6.


Klei Forums download link

External download link

Steam Workshop page link



 *Mod spotlight video by Jar Dev*



Please post in this topic for any question, criticism, bug/crash reports, I will answer you with pleasure.



The young Heir

for Don't Starve Together



*Is used to a much easier life
*Will rule everything
*Hates ruling nothing
Here's everything about him :
Bugs and incompleteness
- No emote faces yet.
- Wilburn's face disappears during some DST-specific animations. (falling asleep, being groggy)
- If you recruit hounds using the Overlord's Crown, they can become aggressive and impossible to attack in some cases. REMEMBER TO USE CTRL+CLICK TO FORCE-ATTACK IN CASE YOUR HOUNDS BECOME AGGRESSIVE. The F key won't work.
- Does not have a ghost voice yet.
Mod info
- Is also compatible with Don't Starve and Don't Starve Reign of Giants.
- Has a complete speech file for Wilburn.
- Has a classy piano voice. Credit to Spara for his amazing original samples.
- Includes the character and his two custom items only craftable by himself.
- Has explanative comments in the Lua code for those who want to see how it works.
Basic concept
- Wilburn is a spoiled kid raised in a rich family. He has seen better days and despises being left alone and helpless. ... Well, apparently even with other people, he's still unhappy. He wants servants. And in this case, dumb pig servants who shall submit to him and fight for him without complains. Help him take over the lands using his two magnificent hand-craftable items and his incredible charism, and make your friends accept his obvious superiority !
- Wilburn is based on enhancing and exploiting the follower mechanics of Don't Starve. His special ability and his items allow him to have more loyal followers and to exploit them as much as he needs in order to survive.
Stats and perks
- Health 150 (= Wilson)
- Hunger 150 (= Wilson)
- Sanity 100 (= Webber)
- Damage x0.75 (= Wendy). Since he's a lazy, spoiled and young kid and expects things to be easy. He is based on exploiting his followers and fighting less.
- His sanity drops over time whenever he has no follower with him. Chester doesn't count as one but Glommer does. As of version 0.9.5, follower pigs have a weaker sanity aura. From Wilburn's point of view it is natural to have servants around.
- He prefers properly cooked food. Any food cooked using the crock pot will nourish him a bit more, while any raw or fire-cooked food will nourish him equally less.
Special ability
- When Wilburn gives an item to a creature to make it friendly, he increases its loyalty twice as much as another character would.
Both are found at the very bottom of the Magic tab and require the Prestihatitator to craft. Wilburn doesn't start the game with any of them.
Authority Symbol
- A handslot equippable scepter.
- Requires 4 gold nuggets, 1 purple gem and 4 units of nightmare fuel to craft.
    What does it do?
- When held by Wilburn, it "freezes" the respective loyalty of all current followers - except catcoons. Simply having the scepter in your inventory or on the ground has no effect. Unequipping it doesn't remove any follower - their loyalty will just go back to decreasing normally.
- Upon hitting a befriendable creature with it, the creature will join your team of servants. I mean followers. Hitting anything deals very little damage, and ponctually depletes the scepter's durability - whether it successfully added a follower or not.
- As of version 0.9.5, if you're holding the scepter, pigmen will not run away if you approach them anymore.
    More details?
- Simply holding the scepter won't decrease its durability, just like most weapons.
- Hitting a creature gives a fair amount of "loyalty" to the creature - usually it's less than when offering it a gift.
Whatever the weapon used, attacking a creature is only possible when it is not a follower. This means you can only hit the creature once to make it become a friend. You can actually exploit the scepter by force-attacking your followers using Ctrl+click to increase their loyalty.
- The scepter seems to work on beefalos following you after using a beefalo horn. Beefalos have an extremely short max loyalty time so if you unequip the scepter, their loyalty will disappear pretty quickly.
    Any tips?
- Obviously, a good way of using the Symbol is to simply hold it whenever you don't have anything else to do with your hands, to prevent your followers' loyalty from decreasing.
- You should hit to recruit creatures only when you don't have much or any food for them. A scepter is pretty hard to craft, considering it requires 4 nightmare fuel, and Wilburn has little max sanity.
- Remember that attacking a creature that is part of a group of the same kind will make them all aggressive - because technically you attacked one of them. This is the case for every kind of creatures, even pigs. It's safer to use gifts or hit creatures with the Symbol when they are isolated.
- Attacking with the Symbol will make your current followers aggressive towards your target. I tried fixing that but I really can't find a way, I'd be glad to get some help on this if anyone's willing to assist.
- If you're holding the Symbol, pigmen will not run away if you approach them anymore, so you won't be chasing them forever when trying to recruit them. However your crew will still be aggressive if you decide to attack. The best solution is to stand very close to your target before clicking or hitting F to recruit him, in order to avoid a long chase.
- If you need to use a beefalo horn to move a beefalo herd, bear in mind that the loyalty freeze also works on them. So if you notice that beefalos don't seem to want to leave you alone, think about unequipping the scepter long enough so they forget you. (This could be considered a bug or a side-effect, but I found it funny so I left it.)
Overlord's Crown
- A really big headslot equippable crown.
- Requires the deerclop's eyeball, 1 tentacle spike and 8 gold nuggets to craft.
    What does it do?
- When worn by Wilburn, it makes both spiders and hounds befriendable, in addition to the normally befriendable creatures (which include pigmen, bunnymen and rock lobsters).
- Monsters can be befriended by giving them meat or using the Authority Symbol on them.
- Removing the crown makes you lose every monster follower you had.
- The crown doesn't provide any protection, and has infinite durability.
    More details?
- The crown doesn't make monsters friendly unless they're in your team. They will still be normally aggressive towards you or your team.
- Obviously, any monster will likely be hostile when you approach to recruit it. If you succeed, the monster should become loyal and friendly.
There is an issue with the crown : when you have hounds already in your team and another enemy hound bites you, your following hounds will leave you and attack you. (Hounds are complete jerks by the way) After working for hours trying to fix this, I still haven't found a solution and I would be happy to get some help.
- The crown doesn't change all the rules of hostility between monsters and other creatures. If you have normal followers, they will still be aggressive towards monsters. If you have monster followers, they will keep being hostile towards pretty much everything but you. The only exception that the crown adds is when you start having both normal and monster followers. They're not supposed to fight each other if you wear the crown (unfortunately this can still happen in certain cases despite my precautions).
- You cannot befriend cave spiders using the crown (yet)
    Any tips?
- Just like crafting one is fairly difficult to achieve, using the crown is preferably for advanced players. Even so, it leads to quite messy situations and does not always give good results in the end. Use it at your own risk.
- If you use the crown, never get too confident, be VERY careful, watch every creature around you when you have monsters with you. Most of the time you won't realize that some monsters were still hostile and you'll get hit by one of them by surprise during fights or attemps to recruit creatures.
- If I ever manage to fix that issue with the hounds leaving your team when other hounds attack you, then the crown should become a very powerful item to deal with hound wavesUntil that, make sure to avoid hounds biting you at all costs if you have hound followers !
   Possible changes?
- I might consider adding more kinds of creatures to the list of ones that you can befriend while using the crown. Let me know if you find this interesting and I can try implementing it ! I'm not sure about adding them because it could make the crown really overpowered.
- This list could include for example : BeefalosMermsCave SpidersCave Dwellers or even Splumonkeys if I'm good enough at programming, and more importantly if that's not too overpowered !
Last things to do for ver1.0
Don't Starve:
        -Make followers not attack the creature you're trying to convert with the scepter : HELP NEEDED !
        -Make hounds more stable when having them as followers : HELP NEEDED !
As a final note about myself, I'm going to wait for more comments and have discussions about Wilburn, to see what other people think of it. I'll take my time to polish my work and make version 1.0 in the near future. Even before that, I am open to working on collabs with other modders for larger projects that I'm interested in. (I also have other mod ideas in mind.) Anyhow, I'm all open to discussion !   :wilson_goodjob:
Have fun and good luck !
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