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  1. @Rily It IS a mod by FinerLobster. That's how he did it.
  2. Hello, I'm the mod maker of Wilburn, but also an actual "artist" sometimes. So I'll post the few things I draw because... why not ? Sorry for huge res, I'll fix that when I have more time ahead of me. Also the scan quality is disgusting on some of them, which doesn't help the fact that they're so quickly made. First here are a few little Wilsons. Wilson on winter holiday, A few sketches made during class, featuring Wilburn, my mod character that you can also play, Then, sketches I made for my grillfriend, And that's it for this post. Next are some more Wilburn sketches. Thanks for visiting !
  3. Version 0.9.6

  4. Wilburn: The Heir

    Version 0.9.8


    Visit the mod's official forum page here for all the details !
  5. I must give this a try, it looks so huge and crazy ! Wilson at his best.
  6. Hello Malacath, thank you for this great tutorial, I'm having a problem with my swappable build though... I'm making a handslot item and it's working, except that whatever I do, the item never appears in-game in the character's hand. I did everything you said, the game doesn't crash and it compiled correctly, the zip files are all correctly placed in the anim directory, I tried different folder structures to see if the double 'swap' folders was a mistake in your post or not... I did the code correctly, I moved the pivot in spriter and named all the stuff correctly and I'm pretty sure that the picture is big enough... Do you have any idea of what could be wrong with my item...? Here's a version of my mod with only the item and its files in it. I hope someone can find out what's wrong... Edit: Problem solved, it was the placement of my .scml file. The right structure for a handslot item is : exported/- item/- - ground_item/- - - ground_item.png- - - item.scml- - swap_item/- - - swap_item.scml- - - swap_item/- - - - swap_item.pngIf anyone wants to see my mod, it's here.