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Request: 'Closed' server mode.

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I just thought of something nifty! Every now and then I want to take a server offline, but people keep joining. Could we get some mode that prevents new people from joining the session, but doesn't boot anyone who's already connected?


On a similar note, could we have an option to automatically enter this mode when there's no administrators connected? Perhaps a mode that outright shuts the server down, too..



EDIT: Hey! Someone just gave me a grand idea! How about requiring administrative permission to spawn, and having some ability to talk with people while they're on the character selection screen? Part of the system is already in-place; the console mentions that clients /request/ permission to spawn as a character. All that's needed is some way to talk with them, and some way to interactively approve or deny the request!

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@afetogbo, But their use case was that they wanted to be able to have a server open, then close it before shutting down the server so there's a wind-down period with no new people joining. You can't set/change the password while it's up, but apparently you can disallow incoming connections as Mark showed.

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