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Make a new FX using MakeFx() ?

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Wondering if I can make a simple Fx using code as such...



   --name = "green_leaves_chop", 
   --bank = "tree_leaf_fx", 
   --build = "tree_leaf_fx_green", 
   --anim = "chop",
then use the Prefab Fx
local function MakeFx(name, bank, build, anim, sound, sounddelay, tint, tintalpha, transform, sound2, sounddelay2, fnc, fntime).
Not sure how to go about this tho =/
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@JadeKnightblazer, I add Wigfrid's little death spirit fx in DST RoG Characters. As for how to do the actual art for it, I'm not sure.

local wathgrithr_spirit_fx =    {	    name = "wathgrithr_spirit", 	    bank = "wathgrithr_spirit", 	    build = "wathgrithr_spirit",     	anim = "wathgrithr_spirit",	    sound = "dontstarve_DLC001/characters/wathgrithr/valhalla",	    sounddelay = .2,	    -- dlc = true,    }GLOBAL.table.insert(GLOBAL.require("fx"), wathgrithr_spirit_fx)
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GLOBAL.table.insert(GLOBAL.require("fx"), wathgrithr_spirit_fx)


Well, what I do is copy paste the entire fx file in prefab, name it fxtra, then make a local fxtra with all my fxs.


But that is better. I forgot that when doing:

x = tabley = x--edit y--x changes

I can't wrap my head around lua, damn.

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