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Need help fixing mod after recent patch

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This mod was working fine before the most recent patch, now I'm getting a weird callback error trying to load the mod.

[00:00:21]: error calling LoadPrefabFile in mod 2-6-15 clusterplant v0.9.3 (Cluster Plant): [string "../mods/2-6-15 clusterplant v0.9.3/scripts/..."]:37: variable 'prefabs' is not declaredLUA ERROR stack traceback:        =[C] in function 'error'        scripts/strict.lua(23,1)        ../mods/2-6-15 clusterplant v0.9.3/scripts/prefabs/sapling_cluster.lua(37,1) in function 'fn'        scripts/mainfunctions.lua(94,1)        =(tail call) ?        =[C] in function 'xpcall'        scripts/mods.lua(165,1)        scripts/mods.lua(456,1) in function 'RegisterPrefabs'        scripts/gamelogic.lua(166,1) in function 'LoadAssets'        scripts/gamelogic.lua(972,1) in function 'DoResetAction'        scripts/gamelogic.lua(990,1) in function 'complete_callback'	...        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'        scripts/saveindex.lua(90,1) in function 'Load'        scripts/gamelogic.lua(1011,1) in function 'callback'        scripts/playerprofile.lua(671,1) in function 'Set'        scripts/playerprofile.lua(553,1)        =[C] in function 'GetPersistentString'        scripts/playerprofile.lua(551,1) in function 'Load'        scripts/gamelogic.lua(1010,1) in main chunk        =[C] in function 'require'        scripts/mainfunctions.lua(685,1)	[00:00:21]: Disabling 2-6-15 clusterplant v0.9.3 (Cluster Plant) because it had an error.	

I have no idea what's causing this. Was there something else that changed besides the Recipe builder thing?


I appreciate the help, attached are the log file and modmain.


Edit: Uploaded sapling_cluster




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Thanks for the clarification, but did they change the format of things in the last patch? As I mentioned in my original post, everything was working fine until the most recent patch. What changed?


As an update, fixed the crash on launch issue.


Removed prefabs from this line:

return Prefab("common/"..name.."_cluster", fn, assets, prefabs),	

Question still remains, why was this working in the first place prior to patch?

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