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As far as i can tell there are no volume controls in Don't Starve, short of turning down the master volume on the computer or the volume for Google Chrome.

The only issue with turning down the volume on Google Chrome is that if i choose not to listen to the (honestly) awesome music and sound effects of Don't Starve and instead choose to listen to a podcast while i play, i can either have everything muted or have everything maxed out so i can't really hear either.

If it turns out I've just not spotted the volume controls within the game, can someone please directly me to them and i'll just delete this post i guess

tl;dr - Where are the volume controls?


I'm not asking for volume controls for Music, Effects or Ambient noise, i would just like a simple master volume control to turn everything down. Although those other things -if they were put into the game- would not go unnoticed.

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I completely understand that you cant do everything all at once and this a very minor problem, at least in my mind, so i understand that its not at the top of the list for things to do. Thanks heaps for the reply Kevin, it's great to know the people making the game are in touch with the people playing it :)

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