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  1. Volume Controls

    I haven't been able to find them either, not even on the main menu.Most (if not all other) games have at least a mute button. It would help especially if we want to listen to other things going on in other tabs in chrome.
  2. Ok so i got rid of the Errors NaCL/Undefined, but i'm left with moving black rectangles... which is probably a separate issue. My fix is specifically for those on Ubuntu with an Optimus graphics card. 1) Install Bumblebee Watch out! This is still in active development, but they've come along way, and it should work with most setups. 2) logout - login 3) run "google-chrome --ignore-gpu-blacklist" If you want to add this to your shortcuts. (use locate to find 'google-chrome.desktop' and edit it adding the --ignore... to the 'Exec=' line) 4) goto chrome://gpu All of these settings should be now "Hardware accelerated" 5) Try run Dont Starve You should now not get the Errors at least... but may get black rectangles. On the plus side your laptop should now have better power management, and your browser should be faster! If you still getting an issue, send me a PM.
  3. I agree with greenandblackca on the hardware issue. I use Ubuntu (dualboot with windows for games, etc) and unfortunately have a optimus graphics card, which is notoriously bad in linux... It also makes sense because sense since a windows VM i was trying wouldn't work either...I'll try install the bumbleebee project, which aims to get optimus working on Linux, and see if that helps.
  4. Any of those sound AWESOME
  5. I get this issue in Ubuntu Linux, my windows partition has worked without fail. I have also run it in a windows 7 VM, using virtual box and maxed out on graphics settings. For the windows 7 VM; i got the undefined error every time, haven't tested yet with the latest build of dont starve...Here's my console traceback, it happens at the end of loading static.zip:This is on chrome stable 64bit on Ubuntu 12.04 (dont starve 66641)[11:28.31.24730]: NetworkFileSystem: OnURLOpened URL=http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/grab_file/r66641/static.zip?d4564e0ce45871d0784a89bd6bec1397, File=grab_file/r66641/static.zip?d4564e0ce45871d0784a89bd6bec1397, Size=19808157.[plain] util.js:11[11:28.31.411530]: NetworkFileSystem: Reading complete. File=grab_file/r66641/static.zip?d4564e0ce45871d0784a89bd6bec1397... util.js:11[11:28.31.494340]: VersionSync::CompareThread::Main() Copying manifest util.js:11[11:28.32.113770]: VersionSync::CompareThread::Main() finished. util.js:11NativeClient: NaCl module crashed[11:28.33.75900]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate mVersionSync.Succeeded() util.js:11[11:28.33.76360]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate unmounted server util.js:11[11:28.33.76660]: DontStarve::FileManifestUpdate new files have downloaded... go back to what you were doing. .. util.js:11Status: NaCl CRASHED: Last error: NaCl module crashed while @Web:Downloading util.js:11NaCl CRASHED: Last error: NaCl module crashed while @Web:Downloading