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Linking Custom Congif variable from modmain.lua to Custom Custom.lua

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Trying to take this...

local RELICKEY = GetModConfigData("RELICKEY")--Relic Toggle Key

and link it to this in my custom character.lua

local function OnRelicKeyPressed(inst, data)    if data.inst == ThePlayer then        if data.key == "This is where the Config key goes" then            if TheWorld.ismastersim then                BufferedAction(inst, inst, ACTIONS.SKUSERELIC):Do()                -- Since we are the server, do the action on the server.            else                SendRPCToServer(RPC.DoWidgetButtonAction, ACTIONS.SKUSERELIC.code, inst, ACTIONS.SKUSERELIC.mod_name)            end        end    endend

The keybinding works with key_"whatever", but I want to give players the Config power.

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