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I was thinking (and this kind of relates to the overpowered farms issue)What happens in real life with the meat? It spoils! In one day if its raw and in 2 or 3 days even if its cooked.I think that this could be interesting if implemented in the game, that way you wont be storing lots of meat for later use, you will be forced to get the food as you need it. For example one day for the raw meat to spoil, 2 days for cooked meat to spoil and 3 days for monster meat to spoil. You could add a hidden inventory slot to be used by the system to store spoiled meat.Also Magic Farma could harvest monster meat only, it would make sense as it is some kind of magic witchcraft. Also you could make that stored meat (in the chest) would take a little longer to spoil. (maybe 1 additional day). I mean..."dont starve" is the name of the game, and this way we will be really caring about dont starving.What do you think?

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There been lots of talks about FARMS and food being TOO EASY to get after a while.

On my DAY 40 - I've got supplies to survive 20 days without hunting and farming (!).

There is no more worry about the food for me...

I think for FOOD to spoil - is a GREAT SUGGESTION that will always make you worry about not to starve to death.

That would make it more dangerous to go in long journeys away from the animals, to the stone deserts and mud fields. As you have to be prepared to FIND the food in those fields. It would make it more dangerous to MINE STONES for gold (as it is the MOST valuable stone so far) and would really make it more exciting, more difficult to get.

There might be some food - that doesn't spoil - like NUTS (get the NUT TREES hehe)...

We would have to get lots of those to get to some treasure islands miles away ...

Would be a thrill! :)

I totally support this idea.

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