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If you mean as an option before generating your new map, I think it's good - I'll set everything to max/hardest, and tone down as I keep dying over and over haha.


If you mean like a Map Editor tool where we can mess with... I refer you to

I would think a map editor would be difficult to achieve at this point in the game development but resources spawn percentage generation should be achievable.

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What I would do to increase replayability and mess as little as possible with the programming (remember the Dev's are working hard to get even "simple" bugs out) is the following:


-Create a goal list. (I mean the developers that is and we help them come up with ideas)

This game has a lot of features, but many of them are underused simply because it isn't necessary for survival.

But if you set yourself some goals it might change the gameplay and become more interesting.

For example you can check a box list before you start the game with options like:

-Vegetarian (eat no meat)

-Carnivore (eat only meat)

-Arsanist (light at least one tree on fire every night)

-Queenslayer (kill every Queen on the same day you encounter it)

-Fisherman (eat fish every day)

-Gardener (plant 4 flowers every day)

-Farmer (harvest 2 crops every day)



-you name it!


And in combination with a History Log/Scoreboard you can see you have an overview of past games.

For example the History Log/Scoreboard keeps track of the following:

-Version # of Don't Starve

-# of attempt/game

-Days survived

-Character played with

-Cause of death

-Died as... (Vegetarian, Carnivore, Arsanist, Queenslayer, etc, etc)

(-Died as...[second proffesion]) (so you'll get a "Vegetarian Queenslayer" or a "Carnivorous Arsanist", stuff like that. Prefix/Suffix-like)


If you make this History Log/Scoreboard printable (in notepad for example) or saveable you can share it online.

(Since i don't think the Dev's will make Don't Starve an online game)

(If they bring it out on steam they could add achievements for this, but I like the idea of keeping Steam Achievements out of this.)


Customizable gamemode/maps >.<

Possible methods.

1)Allow us to set the degree of resources/monster spawn on the maps.

2)Customizable hound attack periods

3)Limited crafting ability

This allows for the community to create challenging maps for one another :p

Instead of a "map-maker"/custimizer introduce a "map-saver".

So if there's a random map you like you can save it (maybe an auto-save would be handy, no more people regretting their reroll), or else reroll it. And if the Dev's make those saved maps easy accessible people can share the interesting ones on forums as well.

What would you think of this?

Kind regards, Karisuto

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