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[Help] - Forgetful character trait

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Hello all,


First time posting on forum, but i've made this mod:



For my next character I wanted to make someone much less overpowered, and more difficult. 


I want the character to be forgetful. Either:

  • Forget all Tier 1+ recipes after each day 
  • Never learn a recipe.

Note: Pre-built items should stay pre-built.


The character would never be able to build things on the fly. They'd always need a science machine or whatever appropriate structure.


Any idea how this would be implemented in code?

Any suggestions which option would be more interesting? 

Any other trait of being forgetful that could also be used? Mini-map fog like in the epilogue of Adventure mode.


Any help/feedback would be appreciated. 




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I feel like the never learn a recipe one would be more interesting to play. The minimap thing doesn't sound fun though, especially when joining a new server and trying to find a base. "You know that Savannah by spawn, go to that." "Wait, there was a Savannah by spawn? Can't check my map." For DS, it'd be cool since you'd have to pay attention to where you are and where you settle, but combine a lack of map awareness with needing to be by the machines to craft things you could easily get screwed over in DST since even if you manage to find a rocky biome all the gold rocks could've been taken by other players that you can't find because you can't reference your map as a guide. That means you'll never be able to make a spear or logsuit and you'll end up dead on the first hound wave.


That said, pick one or the other and it should be fine. Preferably go with the recipe limitation, since the map awareness can be far more important in DST, I've yet to see someone learn all the recipes and take down their prototypers on a server so there's bound to be one at any given base. So once you find somewhere to settle you'll be fine craftwise.


As for how to do it, I don't know how to not learn recipes. I think the old ruins items weren't actually learned when you prototype them, so you could look into that to see if you could figure it out. I've been wondering how to do such a thing as well, but haven't poked at it as of yet. Perhaps the blueprints could offer some insight into a solution as well~

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