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  1. The internet said it was real. We're making it a word!
  2. Hello all, First time posting on forum, but i've made this mod: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/1064-kasey-the-sewist/ For my next character I wanted to make someone much less overpowered, and more difficult. I want the character to be forgetful. Either: Forget all Tier 1+ recipes after each day Never learn a recipe.Note: Pre-built items should stay pre-built. The character would never be able to build things on the fly. They'd always need a science machine or whatever appropriate structure. Any idea how this would be implemented in code? Any suggestions which option would be more interesting? Any other trait of being forgetful that could also be used? Mini-map fog like in the epilogue of Adventure mode. Any help/feedback would be appreciated. Cheers, -Ryan
  3. Definitions vary, but generally a seamstress is someone who works with clothing and is professionally employed. Sewist is more accurate to Kasey's craft. It's an artistic hobby unconstrained by preset patterns. Really though, either definition is fine. I just like the sound of "Sewist"
  4. Also, I wanted her to suffer a Sanity loss whenever she makes a bag. It's hard work after all, but I couldn't figure out how to make that an "ingredient." Maybe in a future update.
  5. On my home pc she's even more OP, she has Wickerbottom's science bonus. Originally I wanted the Sourbag to have less inventory than a backpack, but Not take up a Body slot. So you'd still be able to wear armor/jacket/amulet with the bag. Couldn't figure out how to do it though. Didn't want things getting too complicated. If you have any suggestions for the published version, I'd be willing to nerf her.
  6. Version 0.95


    Adds KASEY The Sewist character Steam link here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=382369400 Please rate. Thanks Compatible with: Don't Starve DS: Reign of Giants DLC Coming Soon: Don't Starve Together (wip) KASEY starts with a SourBag (copy of the Krampus Sack) and 2 Sewing Kits. She can craft additional bags (for multiplayer or if you lose you first bag). SOURBAG (Krampus Sack) Recipe: Survival tab: 1 Sewing Kit, 3 Wool, and 1 Rope. Stats are all the default: 150 health 150 hunger 200 sanity __________ I made this mod as a gift for my girlfriend Kasey, with assistance from my friend Nicole for art. Don't Starve is one of the few games my gf has gotten into and she was elated to have herself as a character. In real life she makes awesome one of a kind handmade bags made from reused and recycled materials. You can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Sourbagsandtotes) They make amazing gifts for lady-folk like moms and special ladies _________ Note: I still need to test some more in multiplayer, and I want to add custom dialog for everything. __________ CREDITS: Art: Nicole Bilodeau: http://nicolebilodeau.daportfolio.com/ Other stuff: dashing_fellow __________ Special thanks: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/ Ipsquiggle - for providing the initial Sample Mod Grifuz - for the Clementine mod that i used as an additional guide Dleowolf - for providing the Extended Sample Character template Sabeku - for the the thorough video tutorial of Dleowolf's mod