Pan Flute. Lazy Spiders.... bug?

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I was running around, looking for something to do, and i happened to have a pan flute in hand.It was during the day and i bumped into a spiders nest, so i Hit it 2 times and run, then i play the flute and go back to the spiders nest, i hit again another 2 times and run and then play the flute again, so i get all the spiders sleep.I destroyed the nest got the loot and went away to keep doing nothing...about 5 o more days later (in game days and playing continuosly) i was hunting for fireflies and i bumped into the same spiders and they were still sleeping. 1 day after i came back to check on them and they were still sleeping. ALL of them (12 in total).So... i suppose it is a bug? maybe? I just wanted to let you know.Thanks.

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