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Prefab & Lights

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Okay, so i want my buildable prefab to emit light, only in caves, and only during day time.

I tried coding it but for some reason the day things doesnt work. The cave only seems to be working.

    local light = inst.entity:AddLight()       if GetWorld():IsCave() and GetClock():IsDay() then        light:SetFalloff(0.5)        light:SetIntensity(.8)        light:SetRadius(2)        light:SetColour(237/255, 237/255, 209/255)        light:Enable(true)    end

Any ideas how to do the day only script?



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you are checking for whether it's day only when the if clause fires, since you are adding light in the code snippet I assume that is when the prefab loads. As seronis suggested, listen for the daytime and dusktime events, to toggle light with those too (ideally make turnon/turnoff functions).

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