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So I always start my games by finding the pig village, which I finally figured that it was shown on the Map by the red X.Once there I start feeding some pigs to gather an army, and since they respawn pretty much every night, I use my pig army to kill pigs for food, and getting more pigs.We start to run out of inventory space, so my solution is drop everything on the ground around the pig village.My question is this, are you thinking of implementing any kind of storage storage box...

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A backpack would be cool. Something that you could carry a few small items so you could build an additional tool (or torch, grave items,etc), without having to take up slots to carry them back to a "home base"

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Backpack would be awesome. I kept having to drop things and then I forget where I dropped them. Although, by day 67'ish, I had 3 camp sites with bunch of woods, grass bunches, tools, pig houses, traps, farms stacked by each camp site, so it was easier to find them. I started stacking food as well, only to find bunnies eating my carrots and spiders stealing my meat :(

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