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  1. oh i didn't know you can plant berries!! i'm gonna try that tonight! i also found out that you can cook meat and feed pigs and they follow you or poop as you feed them! Will there be more updates Soon? i've built/bought everything that's on there.. (including the weird "born as a meat again" thing which now just stands by my camp... i also dug up bunch of stuff but i am not sure what i am supposed to do with them.. any tips?
  2. torches!takes 3 torches to stay through the night and it takes the least resources. and you can still gather things while you run around
  3. Hello! Just heard about the game last week and I'm sorta addicted now Spent about 10 hours playing over the long weekend (on and off)! so much fun - will this be MMO? My boyfriend and I played right beside each other and we kept talking about how it would be nice to be able to help each other, so we can focus on different tasks (farming, hunting, gathering, map exploring, etc.) It will also be more fun because after being able to build everything on the available list, I started wanting tough challenges I can participate with other users. - last week, there was this tent thing I built where I can buy things with gold. but when I started over the weekend, it seems like that option is gone.. will it be back Soon? - around day 70'ish, some error occurred, and i got kicked out of the game with an error message. i lost all my items I was annoyed and told my bf that i woudln't play again until there's save mode. 3 minutes later, I started playing again... - can there be an item where it makes you walk faster? (maybe a pair of nike shoes!!) i would pay my gold coins for that.. will be handy to explore the map faster. - will there be more maps? Tips! - caring a torch takes less resources than keeping a firepit going all night. it takes 6 branches and 9 grasses for all night if you start the torch right when it gets really really dark. i started doing this once i got used to the game. First i got scared, and threw lots of fuel into the fire pit and stayed there but then I realized that I should carry torch and do some gathering at night time. (since you cannot use tools while carrying a torch). - it could be the beta thing but right now all 3 different types of farms give you 2 carrots each. it's best to go with the cheapest one. (in fact, the middle farm never gave me anything..) - when fighting spiders, make sure that you have an empty slot in your boxes.. you can kill one and just pick up the meat and fight the other ones that come to you. (If you don't have the empty slot, it means you either have to eat while other spiders come to you, or you drop it and run and risk the spider eating the meat..) I can't wait for the game to fully launch. it's so much fun
  4. Backpack would be awesome. I kept having to drop things and then I forget where I dropped them. Although, by day 67'ish, I had 3 camp sites with bunch of woods, grass bunches, tools, pig houses, traps, farms stacked by each camp site, so it was easier to find them. I started stacking food as well, only to find bunnies eating my carrots and spiders stealing my meat