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Unable to host server

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I had followed the instructions to get my token and placed the file in the same directory, but the dedicated server console still reports authentication failed and ask me to generate a token, I have tried generating a few more and none of them work...


I installed the server from steam -> tools


By the way my copy of DST is a gift from my brother's frontier pack, will that affect my ability to host dedicated servers?

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@bountygiver, No, that won't affect it.


Hmm... The instructions do say to copy the server_token.txt file, but this isn't what was required before... Maybe that's why so many people are having problems? I have mine as the last line of my settings.ini, under [account]:

server_token = blahblahblah

Try that and see if it works?

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Put the server_token.txt file either in your Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether folder (Windows) or in ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether (Linux).


If you're using a -conf_dir option, put it in a subdirectory of the Klei directory based on the conf_dir name.  For example, if you're running the dedicated server with -conf_dir configs, then the server_token.txt file should go in Documents\Klei\configs (Windows) or ~/.klei/configs (Linux)

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I figured it out!

I took the server token and put it in my settings.ini as server_token = 

and I also added my player token =

both under the [account]

finally deleted the server_token.txt file to something else (don't think this does anything but did it anyway)


thanks for all the help guys

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