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How properly change function from component?

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I can't understand what am I doing wrong.  :frown-new:

AddComponentPostInit("instrument",function(inst)	local old_play = inst.Play	function inst:Play(musician,...)		old_play(self,musician,...)	endend)

​This code makes Pan Flute unbreakable. And character say "I can't do that" while using it. However this code do nothing.

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Also I tried this:

AddComponentPostInit("instrument",function(inst)	local old_play = inst.Play	inst.Play = function(self,musician,...)		old_play(self,musician,...)	endend)

​and this:

local instr = require "components/instrument"local old_play = instr.Playfunction instr:Play(musician,...)	old_play(self,musician)end

​But it doesn't work properly.

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