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A Few Suggestions for Don't Starve Together

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I must begin with thanking you guys! I love your game!


Password-Locked Chests

Presently, trollers are a major problem for any group of serious players. Kicking is an option, but has it's own limitations. It is better if we could have password-locked chests. It is even better if they are a different type of chests that require like 3 boards + 1 gold or something. Something similar could be done for the ice boxes as well. Also, demolishing or deconstructing these chests should be very hard if they are not unlocked before demolishing. You can make it a server option to allow or disallow such containers.



Why are there no gates? Gates would have been great. There is a mod that allows gated, but it is better to include such an important feature in the main game itself. The hounds try to destroy the walls anyway if they find all sides locked. Also, the gates should have some material like monster meat as ingredient (for lubrication :joyous: ) that make it susceptible to attack by nearby spiders, hounds and all other monster creatures (a chance of like once or twice per day). Each such attack where the creature actually eats some of the monster meat on it, the condition of the gate should degrade by 5% per spider. This would add a tower defence element and prevent people from adding a lot of gates.



I know that the game might be updated with caves in future, but just wanted to mention it here since caves and adventure mode would make the game more fun.


You can contact me. Steam ID: nachiketaom

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If you look at the "What is... this?" thread, two people have found unused files of locks and keys and doors. 

And Caves will be a thing later. They require heavy work due to them being a "Second world". This kills a server's latency. So I recommend just farming rocks from rocky biomes. Meteors regenerate any rock but gold rocks. If you need to, I recommend setting up a monster meat farm with spiders. 

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