Targeting is miserable

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My biggest complaint about this game is how pitiful the targeting system is. Words can't describe how annoyed I get when I am in a life or death situation and I can't attack them because the targeting is non-existent.


If I'm in the middle of a bunch of trees and there are spiders around me, it is near impossible to fight them. If I do manage to click on one of them, if they attack me before I can attack them - it cancels my attack and I have to try to target them again.


This also applies to turkeys. I just got the joy of watching a turkey devour my berry farm because I couldn't target it between all the berry bushes!


Perhaps this is made worse by playing DST and the client/server lag times, but this problem also exists in the regular game.

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I still think targeting could be a lot better, like maybe when you click something it just auto attacks until you cancel. For example it's hard to target the spider that isn't closest to you but sometimes you want to target that spider. What would be even better is a tab target system that allowed you to scroll through targets. 

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