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  1. I'm using a Docker image to host my Don't Starve Together server and it has been going well so far. I just wanted to try out some mods (like the GPS mod for the server side and the minimap mod for the client side). Here's what I did: * Installed the client mod and ran a local game. The mod didn't seem to work so I just ignored it * Modified /DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Caves/modoverrides.lua to add in the GPS mod * Modified /DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Master/modoverrides.lua to add in the GPS mod * Shut down the docker container * Restart my whole server since the docker got stuck with a port open * Start the DST docker again * Connect in with my client At this point I tried to connect with my client and it froze for a few minutes, so I stopped my client and tried to connect again. After connecting, it was a new world. It was asking me to pick my character and everything. I looked through the chat logs to see if it's possible that my character actually connected, and then died because it was night - but I did not see anything like this. I also looked at the latest log and it seems that it DID regenerate the world, it's not that I am just connecting in to the wrong serve.r So I have a few questions: 1 - Why did my server regenerate? 2 - Is there a backup anywhere I can restore? Or could I possibly find in the log files somewhere which SEED was used in the previous server so I could at least start it again on the same map? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!