[Client Crash] - Crockpot crashing


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Crockpot crashing

Issue Description: I currently do not have the previous log files as I've starred a new session. Our base contains two crockpots. When hovering over the left hand side crockpot, the game crashes. The error is something about a null pointer from memory. We have tried remaking the crockpot but it is only a temporary fix - I have been able to use it in the past and I suspect it has something to do with the other player (in this case, the host) cooking food in the crockpot. Note that I was able to harvest the crockpot using space, the hovering over using my mouse caused the crash.

I believe the file was something along the lines of GetComponents. I will update this later in game but to note, I do have mods. I would still like to raise this however as crockpots have been changed in the latest hotfix and I have had no issues prior to the current build.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create 2 crockpots next to each other (left and right)

2. Allow other players to use and cook with it

3. Hover your mouse over the crockpot once people have done some actions to the crockpot.

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  • Developer

I currently do not have the previous log files as I've starred a new session.


Hi jiyasutin, thanks for the report. If you're able to reproduce the issue, can you upload the log file? The mods seem like a likely culprit, but we can take a look at the crash if you upload your log. Thanks!

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No worries, I'll ask my friend if he can hop on later today. The mods we have on server side are: more DST characters, DST RoG characters and wormhole marks [DST].


The client side mods my friend (the host) and I had on were minimap HUD, geometric placements and (only my friend) DST where's my beefalo. My friend may have also had Display Food Values on and it might have caused the issue. We could remove client side mods or and see if the issue still occurs and if it does it may be worth checking since I doubt the characters and wormhole mods interact with the crockpot in any way. If it is a mod's fault, sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks for the support.

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@rezecib (no idea how to tag awks) I was thinking something similar as well. My friend is unable to play for a few days so I won't be able to get back to you guys for a while. When he does I'll see if we can replicate the issue - hopefully the new hotfix somehow fixed the issue.


If I can find a surefire way to replicate it then I'll try it in a vanilla server and let you guys know what the issue is. I'll also send in the log files if I get the crash again.

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