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Lag increasing over time

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So after playing for quite a while it seems as though lag starts to present itself.  It usually starts occurring around day 50 and will continue to worsen as time progresses.  I do not think this is an issue of lacking resources on the host machine as according to various performance monitors I could see that cpu usage was idling around 20% and ram usage was only at about 12%.  I have confirmed via a point to point test that the connection between machines attempting to play is beyond 40mb dl.  At the start of game is shows the host as "Good" however by day 50~ it is shown as "Bad".  I have attempted to use an app flag editor to allow the launcher to use more resources but it has had little to no impact.


Are there any known issues that could be causing this?

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Few quick questions, as I am indeed looking into performance issues.


- Do you stay a bad host if you close the world, quit DST and start it again, and host the world again with the same players? I know there's memory leaks (I have a few fixed but not all is pushed live yet). I know you checked the performance counters and all, but I'd still like to know :)

- How many people are you hosting for?

- Do you have any mods active




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I've noticed that kind of lag while im playing on my friends server, but it works in a somewhat different way and it might have something to do with my "not so amazing" computer. When im in our builded up base, filled with itens, farms and etc, it gets very laggy at a point that it takes more than 10secs to actually complete an action (i mean, i can run around and all, but it takes long time to cook, grab itens etc), BUT when i am outside and far from the base, I can complete actions in time.


What can be provoking this issue? My lame computer? *.*

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