They're probably already planning on adding this, but...

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Are they planning on adding caves to Don't Starve Together? I don't regularly keep up with every blog post, so I don't know if they've hinted at or confirmed that they are going to be adding caves to the game. I think it would be a great additon, because then you and your friends could get end-game items and fight the really hard stuff together.


Did they already confirm this, or am I the only one that wants to see this?

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@Omninano, Yes. The official word on it is that they will add something like caves, but it may not work 100% the same. But the idea of it is to make sure everyone can at least get access to cave/ruins content in normal worlds.


The same goes for adventure mode.


But I think the next thing on the plate is RoG. I've been seeing little bits hinting at support for it coming in the code :) 

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