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I'm playing with friends and no matter who hosts the server (one of our friends has much better computer then most of us - not helping (actually it got worse), my internet connection - 9 mbps DSpeed and 5 mbps US) other players experience delay while gathering things and (later in the game or with more then 3 players on the server) lags. We have tried playing on LAN, it's not helping. The game is unplayable at this point because it's very hard to fight with such delays.

I am playing other games online without any problems - LoL, DotA 2, Warcraft 3

We can't wait for full version of the game, I hope lags will be fixed.

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OK so if you're playing on LAN and the only people connected are on LAN, and you have major delay for clients picking things etc...


1. Do you have any mods running that are chewing things up? Try disabling mods and see if it's nice.

2. Are people on WIFI? Plug everyone directly into the modem/router and see if it's nice.

3. You can test a LAN game after you disable firewalls/antivirus/antispyware and see if those were causing packet delay


If you manage to get a LAN game working normally, you should know which of these steps did the trick and can troubleshoot that further.


Once satisfied the game can run normally on LAN you can look at WAN:


1. Test for internet packet loss: click Start and type CMD to open a command prompt window. type 

ping -t

 and watch for a while to see if any packets don't receive a response. You can browse the internet and stuff while it's doing its thing and you will likely notice the ping of the responses gets higher the more you use the internet in the background, if you're interested in seeing that relationship.


Just because you have a "fast internet" doesn't mean it's any good. If any of your players have packet loss with the above test, that will certainly cause multiplayer gaming issues.


*edit* OK I know it's not much of a consolation, but you can hold down F to attack the nearest enemy repeatedly, which might help you guys fight things together even with lag issues. Just trying to help wherever possible XD

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I have forwarded UDP traffic on port 10999. I don't have time to play DST now, but I will let you know if it helped asap. I have tested it with 1 friend, it worked quite good. Thanks for help guys, at the start of February we will have time to play much more so if all your advices won't work I will come to cry a little more :D
@outseeker I have tried it without mods, it doesn't matter, I will try out the other ones though.

Thanks for help.

Btw forwarding took me 1 hour and 6 mails to my internet provider, if this is the problem something needs to be done.

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I'm having this same issue. I was able to play for about 2 weeks straight with no lag issues at all but now all of the sudden for whatever reason I cannot play without lag. My character flies across the screen and when I pick up something it takes at least 10 seconds or like 5 different tries of my character bending down to grab it... I don't know if it's my internet or if it's an update or beta mode or whatever. I played with my boyfriend those 2 weeks no issue... when I host my own server I don't lag at all and even when he is home (he is at a hotel right now) it says he is a bad host all of the sudden. He has no lag issues. If I go into any other random server with a good host I still have lag issues. Hoping that it's just something with being in beta mode but I may call Comcast tomorrow to see. I've also done a speed test and reset my router numerous times and the speed and ping I am getting I have been told are really good speeds so I'm at a loss...

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