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Direct download any mod from workshop via Greasemonkey


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If you have greasemonkey installed (firefox) or tampermonkey installed (chrome) you can use the above script to get a 'download' button added to the interface in the steam workshop when viewing any mod.  I always have this script installed on my system and if you use the standalone version of dont starve and want to get a mod only located on the workshop its a very useful tool.



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Yes but you dont have to worry about a third party site this way.  Button to download is just added to the actual/original page with no need to copy/paste an url into somewhere else.


I like  'click/done'  =-)

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This is useful (haven't tried it yet) because if you have steam-version, the downloaded (ie: subscribed) mod is placed in a folder trailed with a number so you can't really find it easily. Thanks.

Its the exact same number that shows up in the URL on the stem workshop page. Its just the universal id number that steam assigns to mods.

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