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Hosting a Server Indefinitely

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Okay, I really want to host a server so my friends and I can log in independently as schedules don't always coincide. So far I've found that the dedicated server files will be released here in a few weeks. The workaround I've found is to keep the game open on a computer and go godmode when afk. My problem with that is I don't really want food to spoil or time to really keep passing unless someone else is on... that would likely be not possible right now.


I guess something suitable would be a super fridge that nothing ever spoils in. Then the honor system to only have things in there while everyone is logged off.


Then I'm worried about is the world age being older than we're ready. Meaning if we're the Don't Starve equivavlent of 15 days in game, but the world age is 45, the number of hounds appearing could be completely overwhelming.  Just hoping there might be suggestions or wondering if someone has tried this before.




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that sort of "workaround" would be complicated to implement, but I suppose you could access the list of people currently logged in, and if it's 1, have time "pause" and if it's more than one, have time "start" again.


I'm not really sure how many places you would have to put the pause code in, but it would be quite a few. Also the person hosting wouldn't really be able to play, unless you had a secondary way to start and pause time.

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