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[Suggestion] Night Lamp + Ghost = Timely Light Source

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When I resumed a hosted game, I noticed glowing objects that seem to represent the last known locations of previous clients.


This gave me the idea that ghosts can be made more useful by giving them the ability to help players out with some timely produced light.  Similar to the glowing that WX-78 provides when he is struck by lightning. 


Out of nightmare fuel?  Perhaps the ghost can haunt a night lamp and thus provide 10-15 sec of light.


Or make a DST-exclusive crafted object that can be strategically placed, and allow an idle ghost to make himself useful: by occupying that object and thus provide ambient, glowing light for however long he chooses to occupy that object.  When he vacates that object, the light will dim itself after 10-15 sec.


Keep up the good work!

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