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Did I just get that lucky or is there something ridiculous going on?

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Hello there folks,

no one here knows me, but I've been around since about November and played since then every once in a while...

Now the spider queen update looked really nice...and since I didnt know if all changes are active without generating a new world I made one (with the standard generator, not the test one)

So I spawn thinking nothing evil....where do I spawn?

On paradise island....

Berry Bushes everywhere



Lots of non killer bees

and now the best.... Mandrakes



Never before have I found any of em and the wiki states that only 3-4 may spawn in the entire world....

So guys...did I get this extremely lucky or is something fishy with the patch?

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Update on what is all found on my starting island now(aside from the common shared stuff):

Beefalo herd

Pig Village with King


Huge Graveyard

Bee hives

3 Mandrakes

Armies of Berrybushes

Small Spider Nests

Crows and Redbirds

Hordes of Rabbits

and much much more....

The lowest resource on that starting island would be Stone....but thats cool.

Only thing I havent seen yet on my starting island is a Tallbird ;P But I didnt get to move too far yet as I have my bags full all the time lmao

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Before the spider queen update I would find between 2-6 mandrakes per map. Now I can't live long enough to find any. That's mainly because of the increased spider nests and the way I usualy play. I am glad that the maps are bigger now.

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