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Some Don't Starve character concepts

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+Can eat anything that fits into his mouth, and it will add to his stomach meter.

-He can never be full, and his hunger bar drops much faster than most.



+Crows increase sanity, and will bring him seeds

-Flowers and light don't do much of anything for his mental health



+Great sense of direction, owns her own compass. How she got this lost remains a mystery.

+Knows her way around a fight

-Loses sanity faster in Darkness



(Made with DST in Mind)

+Fast and strong, so she's great at hunting and tracking down beasts and men alike.

+Being nearby people increases and maintains sanity

-Crafting is impossible with your paws (Can use/hold items crafted by others)

-Being alone reduces your sanity





Any thoughts? 



+Bonus artwork, self caricature with Don't Starve's style 


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